ISO9001:2015 Published

ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognised management system standard and is used by over a million organisations across the world. The new version has been written to maintain its relevance in today’s marketplace and to continue to offer organizations improved performance and business benefits.

Annex SL

ISO 9001:2015 is based on Annex SL – the new high level structure. This is a common framework for all ISO management systems. This helps to keep consistency, align different management system standards, offer matching sub-clauses against the top level structure and apply common language across all standards.

Top Management

Top management now have greater involvement in the management system and must ensure that the requirements of it are integrated into the business processes and that the policy and objectives are compatible with the strategic   direction of the organization.

“It’s much less prescriptive than the 2008 version and can be used as a more agile business improvement tool. This means that you can make it relevant to the requirements of your own organisation to gain sustainable business“

Documented Information

There is fewer requirements for formal documentation and no longer a need to establish a  Quality Manual; though many  businesses would benefit  from retaining one.

As part of the alignment with other management system standards a common clause on ‘Documented Information’ has been adopted. The terms “documented   procedure” and “records” have been replaced throughout the requirements by “documented information”.