ISO14001:2015 Now Being Implemented

ISO 14001 –  Environmental Management Systems was the world’s first international environmental standard. It has been adopted by over 300,000 companies around the world, delivering a wide range of tangible benefits. To ensure that ISO 14001 continues to serve organisations and maintain its relevance in today’s marketplace, the standard has been   revised. The new version addresses the change in environmental pressures and practices.

“The opportunity that the new standard gives is ensuring that the environmental management system is part of the overall strategy of the organisation. Alignment with the corporate strategy makes a massive difference in terms of  environmental impact.”

Benefits of the new standard

Strategic Direction

The revised standard will ensure that environmental management is now completely integrated and aligned with the business strategies of your organisation.


Greater involvement in the management system by the leadership team will ensure the whole  business will be motivated towards the goals and objectives.

Risk Management

Reinforces use of the management system as a governance tool and will help identify risks associated with its activities and compliance obligations.

An Integrated Approach

ISO management systems standards it will be much easier to implement multiple, integrated management systems.

Life Cycle Perspective

This can offer  organisations multiple benefits including Identifying new designs, materials and processes and can clarify where an organisation can exert influence and help determine the scope of an EMS.