Health and Safety

Occupational safety and health is one the top of the agenda of modern businesses, implementing a robust system to ensure assessment of risk and the implementation of suitable control measures is key to ongoing legal compliance. Implementing a system to the requirements of OHSAS18001 in your organisation provides a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Improved compliance through identification of regulatory, legal and other requirements your organisation subscribe to.
  • Formal processes to ensure the hierarchy of risk control is adopted and implemented by all
  • Assessment of risk and hazards that exist in the workplace, and how those affected may be harmed
  • Reduction in the risk of prosecutions and other breaches of legalisation
  • Commercial advantage through certification – in many sectors certification is a condition to tender
  • Formalised procedures for emergency preparedness and operational controls

Solutions-IMS can help by creating management systems from scratch or reviewing your existing systems for compliance. We also offer auditing, inspection and risk assessment services as well as awareness training.

We can also help in completion of documentation required for SSIP and supplier approval submissions.