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Compliance management in the construction industry

Compliance management in the construction industry

Requirements in the modern construction industry are becoming more prescriptive and specific; compliance management is more complex than it has ever been; be it SSIP approval, site risk assessment or competence management.Companies can be overwhelmed trying to understand the requirements of project specific arrangements with regards to occupational health and safety and the environment.

Solutions-IMS supports a long-established local construction company in their day-to-day operations ensuring compliance is managed and, ultimately, they are selected for additional work as the “contractor of choice”. There are many factors influencing the selection of contractors and principal contractors, occupational health and safety performance and capability will always be one of them.

In the capacity of Competent Person Solutions-IMS supports the company in the following areas:


Supporting the maintenance of formal approval via the SSIP scheme – meeting the increasing needs to demonstrate a safety management system with a recognised certification (CHAS). Providing refresher training to ensure all operatives are capable of hazard spotting and risk assessment for themselves.

Project Safety Management

Providing the documentation and systems to ensure suitable and efficient methods are in place to support safe ways of working and to manage equipment maintenance, inspection and testing. Project specific files are established to prove compliance on the work site. Assessing chemicals used in the works to ensure suitable precautions are taken to protect the operatives and others working in the area.

Advice and updates

Providing sensible, down to earth advice when needed and keeping the client up to date with the latest legislation and best practice.

Workplace inspections are also performed a regular basis during projects to ensure the control measures and arrangements implemented continue to be suitable and effective.

The outcomes of this support are lower risk of accidents, increased client satisfaction, improved company reputation and a higher likelihood of securing future business.